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09.04.2021 - 07:57

Mike Jacka

Micro-Measuring Success

When we measure success we have to know why we measure and what we will do with the resulting information.

06.04.2021 - 18:32

Mike Jacka

Is internal Audit a Want or a Need?

​Do internal audit's clients want or need us? And do they think we're worth the price they pay? 

02.04.2021 - 07:37

Mike Jacka

Getting to Carnegie Hall by Having Your Brain Nearby

​Critical thinking is a habit that must be practiced and nurtured.

31.03.2021 - 15:04


Leadership in artificial intelligence in 2021: Boards, barriers and new beginnings

The report from Board Agenda and Mazars, in association with...

29.03.2021 - 18:11


Insurance Europe: European Single Access Point (ESAP)

Insurance Europe has recently published its response to a consultation by the European Commission on a European Single Access Point (ESAP) for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data. 
European Single Access Point should prioritise ESG data required to fulfill EU sustainability...

29.03.2021 - 13:49


EBA, EIOPA and ESMA consult on Taxonomy–related product disclosures

EBA, EIOPA and ESMA seek input on the draft...

28.03.2021 - 23:45

Richard Chambers

My 500th Blog Post: Final Reflections From The IIA

As I prepare to turn out the office lights one last time, I can't help but reflect on all the changes the world and The IIA have been through since my first day on the job.

24.03.2021 - 13:05


Webinar | The impact of the COVID in the three lines

The COVID-19 global health crisis has had an unprecedented impact on business and society across the globe. ecoDa, FERMA, and...

23.03.2021 - 06:48

Mike Jacka

More Ways to Get to Carnegie Hall

​We talk all the time. We write all the time. So, why don't we harness those opportunites to be better at our jobs?

22.03.2021 - 14:55

Richard Chambers

How Agents of Change Can Shape Internal Audit's Future

​The profession must adapt and change to meet the growing needs of our organizations and stakeholders.

16.03.2021 - 11:35


Accountancy Europe: Building a credible Green Bond market

Accountancy Europe releases has released a publication on  Building a credible Green Bond market –...

16.03.2021 - 11:23


EIOPA: Business model sustainability

EIOPA published a document on “Business model sustainability and adequate product design identified as new strategic supervisory priorities for national supervisors”.

The selection of the...

16.03.2021 - 05:15

Mike Jacka

How to Get to Carnegie Hall

​Become a better internal auditor! No specialized training needed! Just pay attention!

15.03.2021 - 17:14


ecoDa: Five Corporate Governance Guidelines to accelerate change and sustainable growth in Europe

The ecoDa publication lists five pan-European Corporate Governance Guidelines. These are powerful levers setting clear directions aiming at achieving faster change. The objective of this document is to unite European...

15.03.2021 - 15:28

Richard Chambers

2021 Pulse of Internal Audit: We Are All in the Same Storm, But Not the Same Boat

This year's Pulse report describes the numerous ways the pandemic has affected internal audit budgets, staffing, risk assessments, and audit plans.

09.03.2021 - 18:06


EFRAG: development of EU sustainability reporting standards

​EFRAG published two reports, that were prepared in response to the mandates given by the European Commission on 25 June 2020 to EFRAG and to EFRAG Board President Jean-Paul Gauzès.

The reports set out ...

09.03.2021 - 17:52


EBA: key money laundering and terrorist financing risks across the EU

The European Banking Authority (EBA) published its biennial Opinion on risks of money laundering and terrorist financing (ML/TF) affecting the European Union’s financial sector. The ML/TF risks identified by...

09.03.2021 - 05:57

Mike Jacka

Finding the Findings Sweet Spot

​In which we continue our discussion of internal audit and inferiority until we pivot to take a more positive look at the profession. 

08.03.2021 - 16:03

Richard Chambers

U.S. SEC: Environmental, Social, and Governance Risks Better Be on Your Radar

​The Commission has created a task force to monitor how organizations report their climate- and ESG-related disclosures to investors.

03.03.2021 - 11:00


EIOPA: European insurers’ macro risk exposures decreased, while concerns remain

The European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) published its Risk Dashboard based on the third quarter of 2020 Solvency II data. 

The results show that insurers’ exposures to macro risks decreased from very high to high level, while all other risk categories remain...

02.03.2021 - 17:07


EBA: KPIs for transparency on institutions’ environmentally sustainable activities

EBA advises the Commission on KPIs for transparency on institutions’ environmentally sustainable activities, including a green asset ratio.

The European Banking Authority (EBA) published an Opinion in response to the Commission’s call for advice on KPIs and related methodology for the...

02.03.2021 - 06:10

Mike Jacka

Caution, Fear, and Control

​Internal auditors must pay close attention to why they approach things the way they do.

01.03.2021 - 14:58

Richard Chambers

U.S. Navy Wants to Throw 70% of Its Internal Auditors Overboard

​Proposed cuts to the Naval Audit Service budget would effectively dismantle the agency, leaving it with 85 employees compared with its current staff of 290.

24.02.2021 - 12:24


Global Network of Director Institutes: 2020-2021 Survey Report

​The Global Network of Director Institutes 2020–2021 Survey Report, analyzes survey responses from a diverse pool of nearly 2,000 directors around the world. The report explores how boards across the globe are navigating the economic and social impacts of the COVID-19 global health...

24.02.2021 - 12:03


European Commission: proposal for an initiative on sustainable corporate governance

ECIIA has responded to the European Commission’s consultation document proposal, for an initiative on ...

24.02.2021 - 11:39


European Commission: stakeholder views on the upcoming renewed sustainable finance strategy

The EC’s summary report indicates that one of the challenges to mainstreaming sustainability in finance is the availability, comparability and quality of data on environment, social and governance. The EC is expected to publish its renewed sustainable finance strategy in the first half of 2021...

23.02.2021 - 12:24


Webinar | Climate change and environmental sustainability

The ECIIA will host a webinar on “Climate change and environmental sustainability: how to tackle associated risks and harness opportunities?”, on March 10th, from 13:00 to 14:00 (CET)


23.02.2021 - 05:48

Mike Jacka

Oh Yeah, Employees Are Important, Too

​A recent survey shows that organizational leaders are forgetting the importance of the employees.

22.02.2021 - 02:31

Richard Chambers

Why Do They Think Internal Auditors Are Looking for Problems?

Several enduring myths about the profession speak to the need for taking stock of how we are perceived.

17.02.2021 - 18:37


Webinar | ESG: From Awareness to Strategic Moves

ecoDa organised a webinar under the topic “ESG: From Awareness to Strategic Moves”.

The main messages from the discussions are:

  • The intention of the European Commission is definitely to provide a robust set of sustainability standards as well as to review the...

16.02.2021 - 06:34

Mike Jacka

Satisfaction Guaranteed

​Striving for perfection will only lead to failure.

15.02.2021 - 16:27

Richard Chambers

It's Hard for Internal Auditors to "Follow the Risks" When There Is No Consensus

A recently published report examines risks facing organizations in 2021 and beyond as seen by board members and the C-suite, including CAEs.

12.02.2021 - 07:00

Mike Jacka

Effective but Unprepared

​How well does the board think it does in responding to crises?

09.02.2021 - 16:25


EBA: consultation to incorporate ESG risks into the governance, risk management, and supervision of credit institutions and investment firms

The EBA launched a consultation to incorporate ESG risks into the governance, risk management and supervision of credit institutions and investment firms....

08.02.2021 - 16:28


EIOPA: Single Programmig document

EIOPA published its Single Programming Document, that sets out the activities planned to...

08.02.2021 - 00:18

Richard Chambers

How Do You Answer, "What Do Internal Auditors Do?"

We don’t want people running for the punch bowl each time we are introduced — there has to be a better way.

05.02.2021 - 06:19

Mike Jacka

I Want to Live In Precedented Times

​Change is constant, and internal audit needs to be prepared to help the organization cope. 

04.02.2021 - 19:15

Mike Jacka

Thanks, We Already Know That

​Most organizational leaders underestimate the knowledge and skills within internal audit. 

02.02.2021 - 17:55


ecoDa/Mazars: “Sustainable Corporate Governance for long-term business success”

On 19 January 2021, ecoDa and Mazars hosted an event on the future of Corporate Governance. Boards, investors, and regulators need to work together to enable corporate governance to be effective and to contribute to the long-term sustainable growth of businesses.

The virtual event...

02.02.2021 - 12:29


European Parliament: position on Sustainable Corporate Governance

MEPs approved a non-legislative report on sustainable corporate governance prepared by Pascal Durand (Renew Europe, France). They welcome the Commission’s commitment to reviewing the Non- Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD) and reiterate their call to widen its scope to cover all listed and non...

02.02.2021 - 06:13

Mike Jacka

Data Versus Story

​Data, in and of itself, does not tell the story.

01.02.2021 - 04:22

Richard Chambers

I Still Believe Internal Audit Shouldn't Report to the CFO

The internal audit function must be positioned where it is most advantageous to enhancing true independence.

28.01.2021 - 12:39


Commission postpones publication of the EU Taxonomy delegated acts

The Commission delayed the publication of EU Taxonomy delegated acts on climate change mitigation and adaptation. Two main reasons stated were: i) high number of responses received, ii) some Member States expressed concerns that gas cannot be used as a transition fuel. (...

27.01.2021 - 15:41


Leadership in AI 2021: boards, barriers, and new beginnings

Board Agenda and Mazars, in association with INSEAD,...

27.01.2021 - 13:44


EFRAG: outreach document on preparatory work on EU non-financial reporting standards

EFRAG’s Project Task Force on Non-Financial Reporting Standards (PTF NFRS) published an outreach document with their...

26.01.2021 - 13:57


EFRAG: Stakeholders’ views sought on non-financial risks and opportunities reporting practice

The EFRAG Project Task Force on Reporting of Non-Financial Risks and Opportunities seeks stakeholders’ views on factors influencing current reporting practices.  The European Lab PTF-RNFRO has been tasked to identify good reporting practices of sustainability-related risks and opportunities and...

26.01.2021 - 06:57

Mike Jacka

Answer Me These Questions Three

​Are you in the right job, position, organization, or profession?

25.01.2021 - 00:28

Richard Chambers

Using the New Global Risks Report to Be Risk Beacons in Our Organizations

World Economic Forum's Global Risks Report 2021 delves into the myriad risks the world faces in the short, medium, and long term.