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06.12.2022 - 16:05


Technical standards for banks as regards to the disclosure of ESG risks

The European Commission has adopted technical standards for listed banks as...

28.11.2022 - 13:33


ESG embedding: are you ready?

This paper, prepared by ecoDa on behalf of Governing Bodies, FERMA representing European Risk Managers and ECIIA representing Internal Auditors...

23.11.2022 - 16:30


EFRAG: first set of draft ESRS

EFRAG submitted the first set of draft ESRS to the European Commission, in its role as technical adviser to the European Commission. This first set, approved by the EFRAG SRB, and supported by the EFRAG SR TEG, takes into consideration the input from the public consultation on the draft ESRS EDs...

17.11.2022 - 16:02


Webinar | Human capital, diversity and talent management

This is the third webinar to be organised that takes a closer look at the five risks described in the Risk in Focus 2023 report. The webinar will take place on the 13th of December, from 13:00 to 14:00 (CET) and is organised by ECIIA and EIRG.

Human capital, diversity and talent...

31.10.2022 - 15:11


Institutional negotiations on the CS3D

The European Parliament’s Legal Affairs (JURI) committee exchanged views on 5 September. The rapporteurs noted the need to:

  • include the entire supply chain in the scope
  • promote a risk-based assessment
  • help SMEs cope with the indirect impact of the directive
  • ...

25.10.2022 - 12:48


Webinar | Cybersecurity and data security: Auditing at the speed of crime

Cybersecurity and data security retained its hold as the number one threat in the Risk in Focus 2023 survey, with 82% of respondents saying it was a top-five risk (the same as in 2022).

It is also the area on which internal auditors say they spend most time and effort.


25.10.2022 - 11:55


ECIIA Banking Forum 2022 | Resilience in challenging times for European Banks

For the fifth edition, ECIIA invited the Chief Audit Executives (and their Deputies) of directly ECB- supervised and European-based banks to participate in the European Banking Forum with the European Banking Regulator and Supervisor.

The virtual event took place on Tuesday...

25.10.2022 - 11:41


ECIIA’s reaction: Review of the G20/OECD Principles of Corporate Governance

ECIIA has reacted to the public consultation on the Review of the G20/OECD Principles of Corporate Governance.

Effective governance is...

19.10.2022 - 12:09


Webinar | Transition to climate change auditing

In 2022 organisations were hit by a perfect storm of high-impact, interlocking risks that have thrown businesses into a permanent state of crisis. Climate-related natural disasters, looming recession, an accelerating cost of living catastrophe in Europe, food shortages, employee welfare, and...

16.10.2022 - 15:03


ECIIA Annual Report 2021/2022

The ECIIA Annual Report 2021/2022 has been presented at the ECIIA General Assembly, held in Brussels on the 8th of October 2022.

The post...

10.10.2022 - 15:25


ECIIA | General Assembly 2022

The European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditing (ECIIA) welcomed 30 members during the General Assembly, held in Brussels on 8 October 2022. Verra Marmalidou (IIA Greece), ECIIA Treasurer, left the board at the end of her mandate.

The Board and the members thank Verra...

20.09.2022 - 11:53


Risk in focus 2023: more risky, uncertain, and volatile times ahead

For the past seven years, Risk in Focus has sought to help Chief Audit Executives (CAEs) to understand how their peers view today’s risk landscape as they prepare their forthcoming audit plans for the year ahead. Risk in Focus 2023 research was conducted in March and April 2022.


05.09.2022 - 15:32


ESG & internal audit

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