Auditing Social Media: A Governance and Risk Guide

When it comes to business communication, social media has transformed how consumers interact with corporations, governments, traditional media, and each other. The game has changed—organizations and traditional broadcast media no longer control the message, consumers do—telling it like it is instantly—through uploaded text, images, audio, and video content, and, let’s not forget, instant global reach.

If you want your business to stay ahead in the game, then this one-stop guide will help your business navigate through the maze of risks and governances surrounding social media. Auditing Social Media explains how your organization can thoroughly ensure it has the adequate measures in place to capitalize on social media while protecting itself from excessive risk.

Authors Peter Scott and Mike Jacka provide a solid overview and the tools you need to:

  • Evaluate the opportunities and risks of social media.
  • Develop a strategic approach that best addresses these issues.
  • Use social media as a tool—and monitor its use.
  • Comply with Federal Trade Commission guidelines.
  • Gain significant strategic value from social media.
  • Ensure social media aligns with your business’s strategies, goals, and objectives.
  • Implement tracking with the right metrics.

The bottom line for your business’s bottom line isn’t if it’s going to participate in social media. If you want to matter in your industry, it’s go time! From delivering value to governance, Auditing Social Media equips you to successfully partner with your business in achieving its social media goals.