Every internal audit professional wants to look back on their career with the satisfaction of knowing our work made a significant difference. Richard F. Chambers journey on the audit trail spans nearly 40 years with stops in both government and the corporate sector and, since 2009, as President and CEO of The Institute of Internal Auditors.

The Gleim CIA Review books and Test Prep are integral components of the Gleim Premium CIA Review System.

Few strategic initiatives bring greater risks and opportunities to modern organizations than business mergers, acquisitions, and sales (MA&S) transactions.

Internal auditors can provide critical insights and perspectives that can make the difference between success and failure for these vitally important business transactions; yet too often, auditors do not have the specialized knowledge they need to provide effective, value-added services for MA&S activities.

Businesses today are spending more time on strategic issues and seeking more help from those with strategic capabilities.
Bribery is often covert, tricky to prevent, and notoriously tough to uncover. Forensic accountants and fraud-focused auditors are often successful at detecting bribes, but it is difficult for generalist internal auditors to find such transactions through regular auditing techniques. Fortunately, many anti-bribery controls are also internal controls for sound, general practices.
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