David O'Regan

The first edition of this book was published in early 2001. In view of developments in international geopolitics since that time, it is clear that a second edition of the book is timely.

Readers will find useful information on the risks and challenges of international auditing, including: 

This handbook is a must for improving the efficiency, effectiveness, and professionalism of the department. There is no question about it small audit shops are uniquely challenged. Thin resources, tight budgets, and the scope of modern-day internal audit activities make delivery of such services more than difficult at times.

Bribery is often covert, tricky to prevent, and notoriously tough to uncover. Forensic accountants and fraud-focused auditors are often successful at detecting bribes, but it is difficult for generalist internal auditors to find such transactions through regular auditing techniques. Fortunately, many anti-bribery controls are also internal controls for sound, general practices.
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