The AML Compliance Book - 150 Golden Rules


The good, the bad and the ugly of AML compliance practice. Keeping pace with the times. Common mistakes and failures. Techniques that will save financial institutions.

This book provides golden rules that take you back to the core principles. Simplification is necessary and inevitable, and instead of overly mystifying the field, the authors always bring us back to applicable principles of business and compliance. This book will help financial institutions be better prepared for the next crisis, which will come sooner rather than later unless the necessary steps are taken immediately.

Matis Mäeker has worked for Estonian Financial Supervision Authority since 2012, where he currently is Head of the Anti-Money Laundering Unit.

Andre Nõmm has been a member of the Management Board of the Estonian Financial Supervisory Authority since 2014, and since then he is also responsible for anti-money laundering supervision.