Internal Audit of the Future: The Impact of Technology Innovation


This book provides a high-level overview of the major changes reshaping the demands on internal auditors and lays the foundation for your audit function’s shift to emerging technological internal assurance.

We live in a world of emerging technology and assurance. It is a world where innovation forces us to rethink how we approach assurance, including internal audit, risk management, and compliance. High-volume transactions and complex technological interactions are increasingly prevalent in our professional and personal lives. To stay relevant and add value, internal assurance needs to adapt and innovate.

The near real-time effects of transaction processing and the functions of many new technologies require a fundamental shift in internal audit philosophy and execution. The days of the traditional, point-in-time, forensic-based, checklist approach to internal audit are waning as emerging technological assurance takes center stage.

The overall message is that assurance has to change and move forward. Most internal audit functions are woefully behind in many ways, and the goal posts are continuously moving.