Raise the Red Flag combines principles and theories of fraud prevention and detection with real-world scenarios and hands-on procedures. It provides audit teams with the tools, techniques, and protocols needed to solidify their role in fraud work.

Chapters include:

Certification in Risk Management Assurance® (CRMA®) Exam Practice Questions is designed to be a helpful tool in preparing for the CRMA exam. Included are practical, scenario-based questions as well as those of a theoretical nature. Suggested solutions provide reference to specific sections of the CRMA Exam Study Guide. Additionally, a reference appendix offers sources for further study.

Within this comprehensive collection, there are 150 questions covering the four domains in the CRMA exam:


In today's world of financial constraints, increased regulations, and a focus on corporate governance, internal audit departments are under pressure to get the most from limited resources. However, there is a tendency for audits to get bogged down in detail, reducing productivity and restricting the organization it serves.

Organizations are, by definition, political. They are comprised of people with: 

  •       Individual goals and objectives.
  •       Different approaches to accomplishing business objectives.
  •       Distinct value systems.
  •       Varied motivational reward systems.

This research report addresses political pressure on chief audit executives (CAEs) and their internal audit departments. Having surveyed nearly 500 CAEs from various business sectors around the world, researchers Patty Miller and Larry Rittenberg share: 

Prepare to drive organizational change in the competitive niche of Control Self-Assessment (CSA). This study guide will help you prepare to pass the CCSA® exam. 

The guide provides a general overview of the topics that will be covered in the exam. However, it is critical that you perform additional study in areas where your experience or background dictates the need for additional review.

Crucial information is presented for each of the four official exam domains:

Learn how Strategic Relationships can improve your Performance Effectiveness Chief audit executives CAEs intuitively know that building bridges with the executive suite is critical for performance effectiveness. This insightful collection of case studies shows CAEs how to build and leverage their relationship with the executive suite for better organizational outcomes.

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