CRMA Exam Practice Questions


Certification in Risk Management Assurance® (CRMA®) Exam Practice Questions is designed to be a helpful tool in preparing for the CRMA exam. Included are practical, scenario-based questions as well as those of a theoretical nature. Suggested solutions provide reference to specific sections of the CRMA Exam Study Guide. Additionally, a reference appendix offers sources for further study.

Within this comprehensive collection, there are 150 questions covering the four domains in the CRMA exam:

  • Domain I: Organizational Governance Related to Risk Management
  • Domain II: Principles of Risk Management Processes
  • Domain III: Assurance Role of the Internal Auditor
  • Domain IV: Consulting Role of the Internal Auditor

After reviewing the questions in each domain, you will have a clear understanding of the exam content. This analysis and reflection will help you determine whether you are ready to sit for the actual CRMA exam.