Powering Audit Committee Outcomes - The Essential Guide


An independent audit committee is fundamental to good governance, but there is not a one-size-fits-all solution. The precise structure and objectives of audit committees across the world are influenced by the nature of the business, the regulatory environment, ownership structure, and legal requirements.

How well the audit committee performs is largely dependent on its remit and the capability and drive of its membership. Does your audit committee operate with a check-the-box mentality, or does it strive to deliver outcomes that enhance and protect organizational value and help the governing body deliver its strategies and objectives while managing its most critical strategic and operational risks? This book focuses on the latter approach.

While the challenges for audit committees are increasing, the guidance for them has not kept pace. This book is tailored specifically for audit committees today and the foreseeable future. Each chapter addresses the changing landscape to provide context for current and emerging audit committee requirements. The content will also help chairs of governing bodies, chief audit executives (CAEs), the audit committee secretariat, and other areas reporting to the audit committee.